Officially Outstanding!


I am delighted to share the news that Newington Manor Residential Assessment Centre has been awarded yet another “Outstanding” Rating at our recent Ofsted Inspection!

The unannounced inspection was undertaken by Sophie Wood, Ofsted Social Care Inspector, from 7th – 8th March 2018. As ever, the process was detailed, searching, comprehensive and enlightening. I would like to offer my warm congratulations to the Newington Manor Team who so richly deserved this worthy recognition of the work that they do day in and day out. The inspection is a snap shot of our work but it is a very honest and revealing undertaking and as challenging as it is, we recognise its value in helping us to stop, take stock and review our work. This review has reminded us that what we do is not just the usual but the very exceptional and very, very accomplished.

Not so long ago, Chloe and I spoke at an Ofsted Conference and were asked by a delegate ‘How do we prepare for an inspection?’ My response was a genuine one: ‘If you are doing what you are meant to do, there is no need for preparation’.

The Newington Manor service was ground breaking at its inception in 1999.  The service arose out of need and continues to exist for the very same reason: we are needed. As we approach its 20th year, the service remains ground breaking. Every day we push the boundaries of our practice, challenge the possibilities and walk that extra mile to achieve what others can only wonder at. This is our 4th Ofsted Inspection and our third Outstanding Rating - 13 years of Outstanding Service. What we are not, is complacent; achieving such a successful outcome does not happen easily but it will continue to be the standard we set for ourselves.

Our work at Newington Manor is not for the faint hearted; its stretches us, makes us think harder and dig deeper physically, intellectually, emotionally and psychologically than we might ever imagined. We work together, as the first multidisciplinary team across the world, assessing and supporting parents with learning needs. We are constantly learning and appreciate that together; we can achieve so much more. Together, we share in each other’s expertise; share the burdens and the difficult judgements and decisions we have to make every day. We also laugh more, love our work just a bit more and every day appreciate with the ‘downs’ come the amazing ‘ups’ of the privilege it is to serve as we do.

I would like to take this opportunity to send my personal thanks and congratulations to the support team, the assessment team and the leadership team at Newington Manor; with a special thanks to Jackie Stone who has been the backbone of the service since its very first days, when Jackie and I worked together to establish the service to help one little baby and his mum. Jackie and I have shared many magic moments and one day we will write that book! I would also like to say a special thank you to Alex Hall who turns her expert hand to the very many roles with which she is presented with skill and good humour.

The entire Newington Team will, I know, want me to make a special mention of Chloe Deeble-Rogers and Zoe King who, together with Amy Marchant, provide their unique brand of leadership which continues to inspire us all and keep safe all the children and their parents in our care, with all the complexity that this entails. The front of house staff do not of course, act alone and my thanks and congratulations go also to the departments of HR, Finance and administration. Michelle Wickens continues to provide a sterling job of administering the entire service and my personal thanks go to her for all her hard work.

Today is a very good day, it’s a fantastic achievement and I am bursting with pride for you all!

Tessa x