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From very early days Symbol, has offered a wide range of different holiday clubs and camps for children with special needs.   In recent years these have been centered around horse riding based at Summoner’s Farm and more recently at our wonderful Hillside Stables in Kent.  For children who prefer indoor activities there have been opportunities to enjoy a range of performance media including dance, drama, film and music.  We have been led in the choice and development of these clubs and holidays by the interests and aspirations of the children and their families.  The purpose has always been to learn new skills, have a lot of fun and to give everyone a break.  Feedback tells us consistently that we get this right!

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Clubs and camps with a difference

We provide the opportunity for children to have fun, stretching themselves with new experiences within well planned schedules and safe environments.   The particular benefits of a Symbol club or camp include:

  • An emphasis on promoting communication skills – Symbol has access to its own ‘in-house’ team of speech and language therapists and we frequently use some of them to deliver the programme bringing that extra dimension. As a result, we have consistently seen children make significant developmental breakthroughs within the context of a seemingly care free holiday or camp.

  • All children and young people will come away with a report and some ideas and targets for developing their communication skills.

  • We develop new camps and programmes based on the things that people want to do. This means that there are new opportunities and the activities do not become stale.

  • Adventures for all involved; the kids and staff!

  • New friendships (some of which last a life time), more confidence, great memories and lots to talk about…

  • The involvement of families themselves with a welcome BBQ, time to talk to other parents and siblings and a farewell celebration afternoon for all.

Who can come?

Building on our experiences of running week long activity camps for children and young people with Downs syndrome for many years and of working with children and young people with a wide range of additional needs in schools and other services, we are now offering activity camps for children with additional needs associated with other diagnoses.  Camps are available for children and young people over 5 years of age.

Where do we stay?

Most of our holidays are based in Kent and are not residential, but families can arrange accommodation through us, staying at one of our properties local to the activities or at a local hotel or B and B.

What does it cost?

This of course depends on what we are doing, but camps typically last four and a half to five days and are charged on average at £650 per child.


Telephone:    01622 859216