We do this work because we really care.  Like many people, deep down we are driven to play our part in making the world a better place.  From our own direct experience, we know that when people with learning disabilities are supported well and have the opportunity to play their part as accepted citizens in their local communities, not only do they thrive but so too do the communities around them.  Cutting to the chase this work matters and when we get it right we all benefit.

The overall purpose of Symbol is captured in our Vision, Mission and Values statements:

VISION STATEMENT - symbol seeks to play its part in…

Creating a world where all lives are valued equally and difference is recognised and respected for the richness that it brings.  Here, people with learning disabilities take an active place as citizens in society; they are fully involved, genuinely heard, able to contribute their unique strengths to benefit their communities and have access to great opportunities.  In this world solutions to challenges are always possible and the best answers emerge through coming together to share ideas.  People with learning disabilities shape their own support as needed, feel safe, continue to learn and grow and are never seen as ‘problems’.  This is a world where people with learning disabilities are genuinely connected and get to experience fulfilling and loving relationships. 

MISSION STATEMENT - Symbol exists to…

  • Work with people with learning disabilities with the purpose of releasing potential and enabling them to live truly fulfilling lives by providing inspired and individually designed support.
  • Pioneer and share ‘leading edge’ practice that drives up standards and opportunities for people with learning disabilities across the UK

VALUES STATEMENT -in our heart...

Symbol recognises the central role that values play in the actual performance of organisations; what we do is to a very large extent driven by what we believe.  We have a big heart and a steely determination to progress our dreams (as set out in our vision statement).  Our values colour all that we do and we intentionally build an organisational culture that promotes them.  These values are…

  • A passion for always delivering to the highest quality possible
  • The setting of high expectations of ourselves
  • A belief that anything is possible
  • Recognising the dignity of all humans and providing respect in the way we work
  • Working together closely and having empathy with people being supported and their families
  • Being totally person centred in how we design and deliver support
  • Always shaping support in ways that build on people’s strengths
  • Ensuring support is sustainable through time
  • Ensuring support is ‘just enough’ (in amount) so that it never leads to greater dependency
  • Ensuring that decisions are always made by individuals themselves and/or the people who really know them
  • Always identifying desired outcomes and establishing ways to monitor them
  • Always learning from what we do and getting better
  • Generously sharing our learning and knowledge
  • Treating our workforce with the same values as those we support
  • Having no room for cynicism