Welcome to the very early days of our new website.  A lot will be changing in the coming weeks and the final and exciting version will be launched in January 2018, along with our new 5-year strategy and a brand refresh to celebrate our 20th anniversary!  You will see lots of new content and a whole new look and feel. 

We have been so busy developing new services and improving what we do in recent years that we have not spent much time sharing it.  This is all about to change.  We are so excited by what we do, and want to shout a little about it.  Not only that, quite rightly many of those we work with want to share their stories of achievement.  Over the 20 years that Symbol has been in operation we have learnt one thing; that working in the right way with people delivers extraordinary results.  We have genuinely seen magic happen for all those involved.  But we know that to sustain the magic, we need new people joining us on our journey.  The website will be one way that we intend to reach out to those currently involved as well as to a new generation of travellers. 

In the meantime, this version is a small step in the right direction.  It has limited content at present so please call us if there is anything you want to know.  We would love to chat.