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I used to live in a Camp Hill community, but decided that I wanted to live in a supported living house, so I started to look at different places with my social worker.  I looked at one in Dover, but it was too far away from my family, so when I came to see Church House it seemed right and I moved in in May 2017.  I live with lots of other young people.  We are all between 23 and 29 years old.  I was very nervous at first, but the staff were very friendly.  I love my room as I have a walk-in wardrobe!  We get to do lots of different things, including going out to the cinema or seaside.  I miss not living near a pub or a bakery though.  My parents live very near to The White Horse pub!

I do 2 days a week work at Hop, Stich and Jumper, Symbol’s shop where I do different things like stock the shelves and help with the pricing.  I also go to the Hopyard Day services for 2 days, where I do cooking, sewing, art, music, reading and writing. 

I love fluffy animals and have a cat called Bobby. Tessa found him as a stray.  I look after him now and he is adorable.  I would love to have another one too and one-day to work with animals, maybe helping out at a vets.