Emma's story

Emma Hopyard Dickley Court & Theatre.jpg


I’ve got big hopes for my future.  I want to get good at drawing and art.  I’d like to go to college and one day get a job working with kids.  I also love music and it would be great if I could be in a band!

I first met Symbol when I joined the Hopshed Theatre Company which is brilliant fun.  We do lots of singing, dancing and drama every Friday and this Christmas we did a pantomime called The Pessimistic Goose.  After joining Hopshed for a while I started doing other things with Symbol too.  I now go to the Hopyard Day services where I learn new skills like looking after animals.  I also work at Symbol’s very own shop, Hop, Stitch and Jumper where I do lots of different thing like help with the stock and Make pom poms.

The best bit is making lots of friends (I even have a ‘Bestie’ now called Steph) and going out – we went to the fireworks in Broadstairs which was brilliant.