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Not everybody that Symbol works with needs support on an intensive basis.  Some people are able to live on their own or with a partner or friend etc. very successfully, provided that they have just the right targeted support that enables them to manage effectively.  They may face only a few particular challenges with one or more aspects of living independently.   This might be any of a wide variety of things eg. managing money and bills, managing relationships with neighbours, managing medication or personal health issues, getting to work on time etc.  A few hours a week, or each day, of carefully planned support can keep everything on track. Symbol supports a small, but growing number of people for whom this is the case.  

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How does it work?

We provide support from carefully chosen and consistent staff to work with individuals on a peripatetic basis.  The number of hours needed often reduces through time as people grow in confidence and skills.  As with all our packages of support we apply our COMMIT model when developing a package of support.  Click on how we design support to find out more.  While focusing on developing skills in relation to the specific challenges people face we also place particular emphasis on helping them to build strong community connections.  While we do this for a number of reasons, two of them we believe are critical:

  1. We have found this type of package is both more successful and sustainable through the long term where people are active in their communities and as a result have genuine relationships and connections.
  2. Many people with learning disabilities report that they experience great loneliness which negatively impacts not only the quality of life that people experience but also their mental and physical wellbeing.

Getting the support right.

We are passionate that like everything else we do, we get things right for and with people.   To do so we find meaningful ways of evaluating what we are doing with people.   In Community Support, the results themselves speak loud; where people are managing successfully to live the lives they chose and are able to do so in a relatively safe and sustainable way, then as a general rule the support is right.   In addition, we regularly check with the individuals themselves, plus any involved Care Managers etc. seeking their views of what is working and any changes that need to take place.  We believe that truly great Community Support leaves Symbol as an almost invisible ingredient in peoples’ lives.


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